Possibly following the cinema success of the film "Easy Rider", custom bike design in the UK took on a new direction, the building of Choppers, which helped lead to the establishment of a motorcycle club devoted purely to riders of custom machinery. In 1973 the National Chopper Club was conceived and formed by Bill Gill, Pete Gaertner and Syd Wellings with the aims of:

1· Generate a better understanding between Chopper enthusiasts, other road users and the general public.

2· Improve standards in safety and construction of Choppers.

3· Bring all Chopper riders closer together.

To partially lift a quote from an early Club poster, "The National Chopper Club exists to promote, protect and enjoy Custom biking in the UK". Separate from the later enlargement of the club within europe this is an ideal which is practiced with heart and exists over 40 years by now. Today the Diamond Nation unites choppers, trikers and fighters. Since 1990 twinkeles the Diamond in Germany. In the course of time more and more German countys are founded.